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About Us

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CourtAlert is the leading organization for electronically monitoring legal cases for New York area courts and Nationwide Federal courts. Most large law firms and law departments of large corporations in New York utilize CourtAlert services.

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CourtAlert obtains court data by various electronic means, from data that is keyed by court personnel into their computer systems. That data is then provided to users in different ways:

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Website - the site allows a user to look up case information in an intuitive layout that most users find more useful than the court's layout and other sites. The data is updated as frequently as possible and includes historical data. For example, New York State Supreme Court data is updated every two hours during the day and goes back to 1984.

Case Monitoring

CourtAlert Case Monitoring is an industry virtually invented by CourtAlert in 1999. CourtAlert emails clear and concise alerts for each legal event for cases on the users watch list. This includes adjournments, judicial orders, new filings etc. CourtAlert notices are precise and describe accurately the legal event that is recorded by the court. The format and the exact wording of each alert are carefully designed to provide, in a concise fashion, all the relevant information. The frequency and different type of alerts vary from court to court and are described on the web site.

New York Case Monitoring covers New York Supreme, Appellate Division 1st and 2nd Departments, NYS Court of Appeals, New York City Civil and Appellate Term 1st and 2nd Departments. Also, New York County Surrogates' Court.

CourtAlert also provides case watching for other jurisdictions such as New Jersey Superior Court, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, USPTO - PTAB - Patent Trial and Appeal Board and the United States Supreme Court

CourtAlert for PACER

On a national level, CourtAlert offers CourtAlert for PACER, a service to anonymously and economical track PACER cases. You will receive email alerts on new or recently changed dockets for the cases you are tracking

CourtAlert Case Management

CourtAlert Case Management is a state of the art software package used by medium and large law firms on the East Coast and West Coast as a docketing and calendaring system. The system provides simple methods to create a record of each case, docket every document in the case, typically with its PDF image, and calendar any deadlines. The system offers a myriad of reporting alternatives and notification including Outlook Sync and Attorney Ticklers that help attorneys avoid missing deadlines. The CourtAlert case management system is used by the leading law firms in the country and for all their locations, nationwide. Ask for a demonstration

Business Development

CourtAlert Business Development alerts you on a new filing against names you specify.

The Realtime Federal Complaint service notifies you within a few minutes of a new filing for all new Federal Civil cases in any US District Court.
The service is also offered in a light speed for the New York State, New York County Commercial Division.
All services include a copy of the complaint attached.

Research, Rules & News

An area for legal research which provides timely information from the court. CourtAlert also provides optional Local Rules updates and Practice Management Tips, register here. There is no additional charge for any of these tools.

ECF Assurance®

ECF Assurance® is a risk reduction service for your federal cases. The service notifies you on missing or updated court dockets that you did not receive. The risk that is eliminated had costs some firms many millions of dollars.


CourtAlert is located near Times Square in New York City. Users are urged to contact and a team of programmers and industry experts are ready to answer your questions.

CourtAlert is also committed to ongoing development and it very frequently announces new features and services, typically such announcements are advised by email and are posted on the web site.

We are Committed to Remain the Best

Yaniv Schiller
Chief Operating Officer