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CourtAlert Case Management

The Premier Docketing Software for Large Firms

Business Development
CourtAlert Case Management is designed for large law firms with a unique workflow and heavy case loads. This sophisticated software is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet your firm’s needs.

ECF Reconciliation

With a few clicks the clerk can integrate notices from ECF courts, including the PDF files into the firm’s Dockets. The docket, PDF and MAO’s comments and diaries immediately become part of the dockets database, available firm-wide. Attorneys access the dockets and PDFs without going to PACER; significantly reduces PACER costs.

Diary Alerts

In addition to various printed calendars, CourtAlert Case Management sends Diary Alerts a specific number of days before a due date. Diaries are synchronized with Outlook and mobile devices as appointments.

Docketing - Not Just Diaries

This software is used to docket documents, include an optional PDF of the source document, and attach diaries to it. This design is crucial for the New York document-driven litigation environment.

Automatic Rules

Quickly and automatically creates diaries from Court Rules

Firm-wide Knowledge Base & Business Development

A searchable inventory of sample good workproduct created in the past, an optional Knowledge Base interface is also available.

Ability to classify cases by any number of classifications. Includes online inquiry and printed report to show prospective clients the firm’s experience in specific topics.


  • Integration with Autonomy iManage: Document profile created automatically, full text of the entire docket, Matter Centric structure supported, Newest filed version of the document used, PDF files stored in FileSite, Fully accessible from Inquiry Module
  • Integration with Accounting – client matter numbers
  • Advanced interface with Outlook®
  • Integration with Human Resources - for changes in personnel information
  • Tracks attorneys’ admission in States, Courts and professional organizations
  • Data feed to conflict check, marketing information and knowledge base systems

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