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SDNY Business Development

Business Development
CourtAlert Business Development alerts are the quickest method to know that your potential or existing client has been sued in the Southern District of New York, NYC locations. For names on your watch list CourtAlert will very quickly alert you when the name is a defendant or even if it is part of a new complaint's text.
This service has proven to be a viable tool to obtain new clients and to enhance relations with existing clients.

You can limit the search by Nature of Suit and/or watch for all new complaints for specified Nature of Suit codes.
  • Included in the service are lists of all new complaints, typically three times a day
  • Included in the service is any number of complaint copies. If you make the request from a smartphone, the image file will be emailed to your address, or any other address you specify


The USDC Southern District of New York, New York City locations, White Plains location is covered by this service.

Cost: $150 per month for the entire law firm, no limit to the number of names/Nature of Suit codes watched. Or,

$250 per month for SDNY Business Development Service and the NYS Supreme/NY County Business Development service combined.

Operational Notes:

Please use all possible spelling for names to watch.

The same alert can be sent to a large number of recipients.

To search the complaints database.