Case Monitoring 

Stay ahead with our comprehensive California Case Monitoring service, covering the following counties in California Superior Court: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Riverside and Alameda. CourtAlert is your reliable source for clear and concise alerts on California’s Superior Court Cases, providing you with timely and accurate updates on cases you appeared and cases of interest. 


Our California Case Monitoring service covers:

Alameda (Added in 2024) , Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego and San Francisco


New Filings

    Receive email alerts for new filings based on the Register of Actions. These alerts notify you of approved filings directly from the court's site. Stay informed about every new case entry and make sure you never miss critical filing.

    California Superior Courts processes filings through an Integrated Filing and Service Portal (IFSP) system, which involves multiple providers. Unfortunately, service emails that notify you about these filings may come directly from any number of IFSPs or filers might even choose to send the filings themselves. Often the emails are directed to the attorneys rather without including your designated service contacts. By monitoring cases with CourtAlert, you make sure that critical information is centralized, preventing any important updates from being overlooked. 

    Newly Scheduled Hearings/Proceedings

    For all counties, the system will alert you on newly scheduled hearings and proceedings, as well as continued hearings. The service ensures you are always aware of any changes to the court dates, helping you manage your schedule effectively.

    Party and Representation

    For most counties, the system alerts you on additions, removals and changes in parties and representation. Whether it’s a new attorney representation or a change in party status. These alerts will keep you informed of all relevant modifications.

    Why Choose CourtAlert?

    Comprehensive Coverage: Our service covers multiple major counties in California, ensuring you receive updates from the regions most relevant to your practice

    Timely Alerts: Our system is designed to deliver alerts as soon as new information becomes available, keeping you informed quickly after the change takes is entered

    Accuracy: Rely on precise and up-to-date information to make informed decisions

    User-Friendly: Easy to set up and use, our service is tailored to meet the needs of your team

    Make sure you never miss a critical update with CourtAlert's California Case Monitoring


    Standard Case Monitoring pricing billed per day per case.
    Month-end cost reallocation report included. 
    Discounted pricing for firms with fewer than 20 attorneys.  

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