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Nationwide Business Development:
Litigant Watch

Business Development
CourtAlert National Litigant Watch is a very economical and efficient way to be alerted when a named party is a defendant in a new suit in any Federal court nationwide. You pay ($8.50) only when we alert you on a new suit, and you can limit the search by court, circuit and Nature of Suit. You can watch for Defendant, Plaintiff or either.
This service has proven to be a viable tool to obtain new clients and to enhance relations with existing clients.

This service provides the court and index number for easy retrieval of the complaint copy from Pacer. You can also obtain the copy of the complaint for an additional charge.


Any US Federal Court: District, Bankruptcy and Circuit.

Cost: $8.50 per 'hit', when we tell you about new complaint.

Operational Notes:

This alert can also be sent as SMS to your Smartphone, please specify carrier and phone number You can limit the search by circuit and/or specific court.

Please use all possible spelling for names to watch.

You can watch for all new complaint for specified Nature of Suit code(s), limited by court The same alert can be sent to a large number of recipients.