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And in other news:CourtAlert vs. Coronavirus


My CourtAlert

A law firm or organization can have unlimited user profiles at no additional charge.

There are 3 levels of designation:
  • Inquiry Only (without the ability to watch cases)
  • Case Watch user (no additional cost if the same case is watched by several users at the same time period)
  • Administrator - can access all other watchlists and determine the level profile for other users in the firm
Speed entry to watch List - Add a case to watchlist by the court index number

My Watch Lists - Review and edit your watchlists

My Calendar - Monthly - A monthly calendar listing all appearances for cases you watch. Red text means that court has updated what took place at the appearance ("Action at Appearance"), clicking on a case will display the case snapshot.

My Calendar - Agenda - Displays all appearances for cases watched for the next seven days. Red text means that court has updated what took place at the appearance ("Action at Appearance"), clicking on a case will display the case snapshot. The user can change the date range.

My Recent Alerts - Displays recent alerts sent to you. You can change the jurisdiction. Clicking on "To View" will display a copy of the email alert, clicking on a case name will display the case snapshot.

My Recent Business Development Alerts - Lists the Business Development alerts sent to the user. Only applicable for users who subscribe to Business Development Tools.

My Profile - Edit details on your profile, such as the password. Users can have several email address (up to a combined 100 characters). In addition, each case being watched can have many additional email addresses to receive alerts on that particular case. Add names when adding a case to watch by editing the watchlist.

Free/Optional Alert Settings - To edit you fee/optional alert preferences. Clicking on an alert name will display explanation of the alert.

Register for Second Circuit, Delaware Chancery and Delaware Supreme rush opinion service - Additional $35 monthly fee for the entire law firm/organization. Opinions and Summary Orders from Second Circuit and Opinions from Delaware Chancery and Supreme courts are rushed to you as soon as they are published.

Profile Administration - This option is displayed only if you are the CourtAlert administrator for the firm/organization and you will be asked to login again for added security. At allow to add or change user profiles (including the user type: Inquiry Only, Case Watch or Administrator) and manage from one program the watch lists of all users in the firm. There is no additional charge if more than one user watches a case at the same time.

Additional Users from Your Firm - At no additional charge you can have as many users as you wish. Users can later be classified as Inquiry Only, Case Watching or Administrator using the Profile Administration page.