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Realtime New York Complaints

Realtime New York Complaints
CourtAlert Realtime New York Complaints is a very economical and efficient way to watch for new complaints in all 62 New York Counties. Add names to monitor and receive immediate alerts on new litigation within minutes of a matching complaint being filed. Clear alerts with the Complaint PDF attached.
  • Receive alert within minutes of a complaint being filed
  • Complaint PDF attached to alert at no extra charge
  • Specify the attorneys or partners with the relationship to receive the alert
  • Unlimited number of recipients
  • Covers civil cases in all US District Courts
  • Optionally limit to specific Courts and/or Case Type
  • Add up to two alternate spellings per name at no additional charge
  • Specify Defendant or Plaintiff or both
  • Optionally include a filter for certain terms that need to appear in the complaint text
  • Option to receive alerts as soon as a case is created, possibly before a complaint is filed
  • Optional client numbers for the alerts and cost allocation
  • Watched names are kept strictly confidential


All 62 counties, electronically filed complaints on NYSCEF.
This service replaces the existing New York Business development which covers only New York Supreme, New York County, Commercial Division

Name Matching

CourtAlert employs several proprietary name matching algorithms to ensure you are alerted on correct matches and you do not receive incorrect hits.


Up to 25 names $250 / month
Up to 100 names $750 / month
Up to 300 names $1,500 / month
Unlimited Please call, rate includes several daily lists of new complaints

Each name includes up to two additional alternate spellings