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New York State Supreme Case Watch

NYS Supreme Case Watch
For cases on your NYS Supreme Watch List CourtAlert will email you an alert for every new activity on the case. CourtAlert is the market leader in the electronic watching NY legal case.


Both regular and electronically filed cases ("NYSCEF") can be tracked.

New York State Supreme Court Post-RJI: Alerts on everything recorded by the court employees on your cases once a judge is assigned to the case. Such as: motions, dated, decision, changes of parties, attorney, judge etc.

Post-RJI coverage for the following Counties:

New York (Manhattan)
Kings (Brooklyn)
Richmond (Staten Island)

County Clerk information includes: new cases, list of documents filed, fees, etc.
County Clerk data is available in New York, Kings and Westchester counties.

NYSCEF cases can be searched every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Additional fees apply. Registration is done by email to


Monitor your cases or keep track of cases of interest to you
Case tracking is a service virtually invented by CourtAlert and we continue to improve it consistently.
Our alerts are clear and precise.

We send you all, and only, the data elements relevant to the specific "event" on the alert.
There are several types of alerts indicating out of the ordinary changes the court personnel updated on the database, these rare alerts are always researched by CourtAlert.