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CourtAlert® for PACER

Case Monitoring / Alerts

New Dockets Alerts
Email Alerts of new dockets, including PDFs, attached or linked

And Modified Dockets
Clearly highlighting the edits when the dockets are edited by the court


Why CourtAlert

Monitor a PACER docket anonymously

We never ask for your PACER/ECF username and password. No charges on your PACER account

Not listed on the Public ECF Record

Alerts are formatted like a PACER docket, easy to understand

Firmwide Access

Any number of attorneys can receive the alert at no additional cost

Firmwide access to download PDFs using firm email and shared access key

​Pay to download only once — anyone in your firm can view dockets and PDF files at no additional charge


You control the frequency - from every 15 minutes to once a month

Default Hours: 9:00AM - 7:00PM
24 hour search available 
Default Days: 5 days a week
Weekends and On Select Days available 

Custom frequencies upon request



CourtAlert covers all Federal District and Bankruptcy Courts.  All 12 Circuit and Federal Circuit courts. And the special courts: JPML, Court of Federal Claims & Court of International Trade

US Supeme Court monitoring here

Unlimited Recipients

There is no limit to the number of recipients that receive the alert with no extra fees. Add as many internal or external emails as you'd like!

Monitor Anonymously

CourtAlert for PACER is 100% anonymous. Only you and CourtAlert will know which cases you watch. CourtAlert uses its own account to provide complete anonymous PACER case monitoring

Automatic Verification

When adding a case to watch the page will automatically display the case title once the court and Docket Number are entered to allow you to verify

PDF Binder Downloading

You can create PDF "Binders" on the CourtAlert for PACER Docket Sheet. Select documents (and exhibits) and click "Download Binder". Include any number of documents in a single binder to save and share with anyone

Binders are bookmarked PDFs with an optional easy to read cover sheet / table of content

All Documents will be downloaded at PACER cost and once downloaded, anyone in your firm can download the document again for free

Time Zone and Frequency Customization

You can select any time zone when adding a case to watch along with the helpful option of "Court Local Time" that will use the time zone in which the case is located.

Custom frequencies upon request

Frequency Alternatives & Costs

You control the cost! For example, the fee to watch a District case every Thursday is $2.75 each lookup or about $12 a month. The PDFs you choose to download are at PACER cost, pay once and you can share them with anyone at your firm

Additional Frequency Options

24/7 option - Monitor for overnight and over the weekend 

Request Custom Frequencies
such as hourly during the day and twice overnight

PACER Explorer

Search and Browse PACER Cases
and Download PDFs

Why PACER Explorer

Easy to start, easy to track

We never ask for your PACER/ECF username and password. No charges on your PACER account

Mandatory client/matter and streamlined billing with monthly allocation reports


No monthly subscription  fee
No charges per timekeeper
No fee to search
No charges on your PACER account

Docket Sheet Refresh
District, Circuit, MDL Courts: $5 per refresh
Bankruptcy Courts: $7 per refresh

PDFs at PACER cost, free repeated downloads, firmwide

Search CourtAlert's Federal Case database at no cost, with every new case added within 15 minutes!

      On Demand Docket

      View the docket sheets as of your case monitoring frequency or your last on-demand refresh 

      Easily View, Sort and Filter entire Docket Sheet

      Mobile friendly Docket Sheet for downloading individual or multiple documents

      District, Circuit, MDL Courts: $5 per refresh
      Bankruptcy Courts: $7 per refresh

      Download and Share PACER Documents

      PDFs at PACER cost

      Every PDF downloaded is available to you and anyone in your firm at no additional charge

      Download multiple documents together as Binders to take with you. Includes
      PDF boomarks and optional table of content

      No limit to the number of documents you can combine

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