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Realtime Complaints

CourtAlert's Realtime Complaints is a very reliable and efficient way to watch for new complaints and identify new business quicker. Be the first to find out new litigation for names on your watchlist and bring new business to the firm.

Realtime Federal Complaints covers Civil cases in Federal District Courts nationwide. 

Realtime New York Complaints provides monitoring for New York Supreme Court cases.

In both systems, add names to your watchlist and CourtAlert will immediately begin monitoring for new Complaints involving the parties. You will receive alerts on new litigation within a few minutes of a complaint being filed. The clear and timely alerts include a copy of the Complaint attached and optionally the alerts can go directly to the partners with the relationship to the client. This service is quicker than any competing service! 

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Realtime Complaints Features

Extremely Quick Alerts - CourtAlert monitors every covered court, PACER and NY Supreme courts very frequently in order to provide near realtime alerts. 

In a recent customer poll, our customers complimented the speed of CourtAlert's realtime alerts in comparison to some of our other competitors.  

"The CourtAlert response was faster by 1 hour and 15 minutes".

 We are committed to bringing you the fastest alerts.

Early Alerts 

 The Realtime Federal Complaint service can optionally send alerts as soon as the PACER case is created, even before a Complaint is uploaded. To use this, enable the "Alert me as soon as the case is created" feature.  Using this feature means your firm could be alerted on a new case while the filer is yet to upload the complaint. The service will also email you the complaint as soon as it becomes available. 

 The Realtime Federal Complaint service will notify you even before the court assigns the case and Index Number. 

Receive alert within minutes of a complaint being filed 

Complaint PDF attached to alert at no additional charge

On the watchlist you can specify the attorneys or partners with the relationship to receive the alert

Unlimited number of recipients, either internal or external to your firm.

Covers civil cases in all US District Courts (Federal) and all NYSCEF cases

CourtAlert employs several proprietary name matching algorithms to ensure you are alerted on correct matches and you do not receive incorrect hits.

Add up to two alternate spellings per name at no additional charge

Specify Defendant or Plaintiff or either

Optionally limit to specific Courts and/or Natures of Suit

Optional “Only when complaint text includes” filter – specify terms that need to appear in the complaint text. For example, add “Data Breach” if you want only a client’s Data Breach cases.

Optional client numbers for the alerts and cost allocation

Watched names are kept strictly confidential

 Rates for Realtime Complaints

One Service - Realtime Federal Complaints or Realtime New York Complaints

Up to 25 names - $250/month

Up to 100 names - $750/month 

Up to 300 names - $1,500/month

Unlimited – Please call to inquire 

*Each name includes up to two additional alternate spellings

Discount for Both Services – 30% off the Second Service

Up to 25 names - $425/month   

Up to 100 names - $1,275/month  

Up to 300 names - $2,550/month

Unlimited – Please call to inquire 

*Each name includes up to two additional alternate spellings

Nationwide List of
New Complaints Coverage 

What are the Nationwide Lists of New Complaints?

At the frequency you chose, this service will email you a list of new actions from select Federal Courts or from select Natures of Suit.  
For example: 
* List of all “California Central District Cases”, every 4 hours.  
* List of all “410 Antitrust”, once per day.

· The alerts include the court, index number, parties and the nature of suit
· Complaints can be directly from PACER Explorer, at PACER cost using the link in the alert
·Available for All Federal PACER Courts, All Federal Natures of Suit


$50 per month per list, which is per Court or per Nature of Suit.
You can also obtain the copy of the complaint directly from the alert for an additional charge (at PACER cost). 

Legacy Services

CourtAlert has previously offered the "Southern District of New York Business Development (Legacy) and NYS Supreme/ NY County Business Development (Legacy). The Realtime systems that replaced them offer greater coverage and much alerts much faster. The current Realtime Federal Complaints service also replaces the legacy Nationwide Litigant Watch which alerted on new complaints only once per day.

  Realtime Federal
Complaints Coverage

Civil Cases in All US
Federal District Courts

  Realtime New York
Complaints Coverage

All New York Supreme
Court filings in NYSCEF
(All 62 Counties)

  Nationwide Watchlist of New Complaints Coverage

All Federal PACER Courts,
All Federal Natures of Suit

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