Case Management

Version 10

Designed for large and mid-sized law firms with a unique workflow and heavy caseloads. This nationwide software is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet your firm's needs.


Quickly and accurately docket and calendar incoming filings and updates

Docketing and Document Reconciliation

Reconciliation is CourtAlert's Patented technology (Patent No US 8,996,590) that automatically captures court notices "bounces" and downloads linked PDFs. These Dockets are put into the "Reconciliation" inbox where the docketing team reviews them before entering deadlines.  It takes only three clicks from receiving an email to saving it in the system and uploading it to iManage® or NetDocuments®. Review the document then calendar the related deadlines.

Automatically reads ECF Notices for all federal PACER courts 
(All District, Bankruptcy, Appeals, and specialty courts), state courts including New York, New Jersey and Texas, File&Serve courts, the Patent Trial Appeal Board (PTAB) and more. The system also pulls in other updates such as CourtAlert Case Monitoring alerts,  CourtAlert for PACER and documents uploaded using the CourtAlert Docketing app or the Attorney Portal. Reconciling upcoming appearances and court calls are available various courts.


Enter dates in three different methods: Enter a date by hand (or use the handy calculator) or calculate dates using Automatic Rules or quickly adjourn existing dates using the Adjournment tool

Calendaring with Rules

Automatic Rules - Integration with CalendarRules® using a real-time API calculation of deadlines using automatic rules. Backed by a support team of attorneys and experts, Calendar Rules offers rule sets in over 1,200 jurisdictions  which include Federal Courts, State Courts, Judge's Standing Orders and Agency Rules

Once dates are entered, they are automatically pushed out to the attorney calendar and made available on the Inquiry Module.  See below Attorney Notifications for additional options.

Case Details

The Docketing team is the best equipped to record Case Details that can be very useful for reporting and searching for Knowledge Management. The system is designed to capture case details such as:

Forum, Venue Index and Judges - The case-centric approach allows you to assign the same matter to multiple cases and keep track of MDLs, Appeals, Transfers and Removals

Parties and Representation - record every party's representation. Keep track of Expert Witnesses and former Judges

Teams - Add any number of staff members to the Case! Record their court admission, case appearances and pro-hac appearances. Options to override the attorney's default notification preferences for specific cases

Additional information - "Tag" cases with Classifications and record disposition details used for marketing 

    Elegant, Accurate and Efficient

    The docketing workflow allows for very accurate docketing with several managerial reviews that enables effective communication with the attorneys

    Avoid Mistakes - The PDF and Rules Citation are always available with the docket and deadlines: in the inquiry module, automated emails and in the Outlook Appointments

    Save Time - Electronically filed cases are docketed in seconds.  The system is designed for heavy caseloads in large firms with many practice areas

    Save Money - Users firm-wide access the PDF image of document on the firm's server, saving on PACER and File-and-Serve cost

    Docketing Tools 

    Attorney Inquiry & Notifications

    The CourtAlert Case Management System features many tools to notify the attorney and case teams on deadlines and case information

    Web-Based Inquiry

    Access all your cases, document and calendars from the easy to use, read-only, web view

    Case Snapshot display to view case documents, calendars and PDFs

    Advanced Case and full-text PDF search

    Case Calendars, Staff Calendars, Firmwide calendar and Practice group calendar and more

    Advanced Outlook calendar integration

    Mobile friendly inquiry module

    Case and Attorney Analytics using built in reporting tools and dashboards

    Tracks attorneys’ admission in States, Courts and professional organizations

    Deadline Notifications

    Making sure the team is aware of the deadlines is the primary goal of the system. There are multiple deadline notification alternatives to fit the style of your firm. 

    Tickler and Firmwide Calendars

    Automatic attorney ticklers are sent to every attorney via email with all the deadlines optimized for phone display, and a PDF attachment designed to be printed

    Firmwide, Office-wide, or Practice-group wide calendars published to everyone or Managing Partners


    Email deadline reminders on a set schedule, for example 1,7 and 14 days before the deadline.  Fully customizable format with include links to docket sheet, PDFs and rules applied


    Automatic Outlook integration - Includes links to the PDFs, the citation, color categories, and many more optional details that get the attorney what they need to know, when they need to know it

    Save and Notify

    The Save and Notify email is send tout out to the case team or the case manager with the documents and deadlines as soon as they are entered. This is a great way for the attorney to give feedback on the deadline calculations

    Knowledge Management

    The Docketing team enters a treasure trove of information that can be easily accessed for Knowledge Management and Marketing purposes. The interactive inquiry module allows attorneys and knowledge management teams to access all this information with easy to use tools. A user can search with many parameters including the combination of case classifications with specific words in the docket entry or the PDF text. For example, search for Motion, Compel, Discovery documents in Intellectual Property Cases under Judge Goodman in Texas. 

    Inquiry and Reporting

    Explore firm experience by Court, Judge, Office, Partner, Classification and so much more

    Push the "as-filed" documents into iManage or NetDocuments with a full profile, automatically

    Search for documents using keywords in the docket text within the document text!

    Using Knowledge Management

    Not all documents are created equal. Tag documents as good work product, samples and precedent, then use the specially designed tools to browse them. 

    This is referred to as Knowledge Management ("KM"). It is time we bring KM home, to Docketing. Available in the data is every document that was filed in every case firm-wide. The name of the author is also available for the documents created by the firm. Our data and system should allow the user to figure out all the information independently. 

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    CourtAlert Cloud Solution

    The CourtAlert Case Management System is available as a secure, highly performant, state of the art Cloud Solution. Enjoy the benefits of not having to maintain and upgrade hardware, as well as automatically keeping the software up to date. With the CourtAlert Cloud System, switching Case Management systems has become more simplified and much more manageable. 

    Cost Considerations 

    The license cost of the cloud solution is the same as the “on premise” software and clients pay only a small hosting fee for the cloud platform. This could save your firm significant amounts on the servers, disk space, database licensing and IT costs of the on-prem solution. 


    Built using Microsoft® Azure SAAS services, the CourtAlert Cloud Solution is in compliance with Federal and other standards and was implemented with high security measures. 

    Cloud Benefits

    All the features of CourtAlert on-premise case management are available and identical in the Cloud solution 

    Single sign-on using your already existing firm credentials 

    CourtAlert Case Management features and enhancements are highly configurable, these configurations are available in both platforms while allowing each client to configure their system to match their workflow

    Implementing this best-in-class rules-based docketing system without adding additional burden on your IT allows your firm to be more agile

    Same software license cost for Cloud and On-premise solution

    CourtAlert Case Managements implementations are already fast, and now with a cloud implementation it shortens the implementation timeline further- Already up and running with a number of clients

    If ever your requirements change, you can move the entire system on-prem at no additional license cost

      Enterprise Integration

      Human Resources

      Integration with any Human Resources system or Active Directory. Keep the staff names, emails and titles up to date to automatically manage staff updates. Staff termination workflow to automatically remove and report on cases without any staff.

      Exchange and Outlook

      Deadlines are automatically pushed into Outlook using EWS

      Removes adjourned dates automatically

      Supports Office 365, On-prem Exchange 2010+ and mixed environments

      Configurable subject, body, location and 
      categories all set through the powerful template engine

      Document Management Integration

      Integration with iManage and NetDocuments: Document are automatically profiled using our advanced template engine so that every field can be set up with you firm's preferences. Having the documents in the correct matter workspace, within an "As-Filed" subfolder and named the way you like it will save the firm hundreds of hours of effort that is spent doing it by hand. 

        Ethical Walls

        Wall Builder - Inclusionary and Exclusionary walls. CourtAlert Case Management has a seamless integration with Intapp Walls so that no one who is not permissioned to see that matter will even know it exists

        Some firms also use the information that is in the system for conflict checks. Hired a former law-clerk? Find all the cases the judge is assigned to. Lateral hire? Find all the cases by searching opposing counsel.

        Case Intake / Accounting

        Integration with any Matter Intake. Automatically create cases for new Litigation matters and report to the docketing team to fill in the rest

        Client and Matter Numbers are always updated so the docketing team doesn't need to create them themselves and keep the descriptions up-to-date


        CourtAlert's success is predicated on the satisfaction of our customers. We encourage our customers to talk to us about any questions and ideas or to hear our experience with other clients. Our experts are all available by contacting CourtAlert support by phone or by email.


        ILTA - International Legal Technology Association
        NDA - National Docketing Association

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