CourtAlert Realtime Bankruptcy Monitor

How does CourtAlert monitor Bankruptcy filings? 

CourtAlert Bankruptcy Monitoring monitors for bankruptcy filings continuously 24/7, every 15 minutes for names you specify

All US Bankruptcy Courts, nationwide

Credit Managers who oversee the credit and risk for many clients/ customers have increasingly found it crucial to monitor for bankruptcy filings 24/7

Watch for new filings by Name

Name Matching

CourtAlert employs several proprietary name matching algorithms to ensure you are alerted

The proprietary ranking system allows you to
separate high-ranking matches from low ranking matches. 

By default high ranking matches are sent in real time while low ranking, unlikely matches are consolidated and reported once a day

Email Alerts

Once there is a new Bankruptcy filing matching a name you specify, CourtAlert will automatically email you and any number of additional recipients (Business and Credit units) the following details: 

1.  A copy of the petition is attached if available immediately. CourtAlert will wait for the PDF up to 15 minutes from the time of the initial case is created - otherwise we will alert you twice. Once that the case is created and again when the Petition is available

2.  Filing details- Debtor, Court Name, Index Number, Chapter Number and Debtor details

3. Customer number and Matter/Reference number as provided on the watch list

4. Link to CourtAlert for PACER to optionally monitor further activity on the case

Providing Names to Monitor

You provide an excel file with the names you would like monitored

Monitor Name

Add a name to be monitored and add additional variations. Monitor for individuals, companies, parent companies, subsidiaries, and any other related companies

Emails to Notify

In addition to the account email, additional email addresses can be specified for each name.  There is no limit to the size email field. Any number of emails can be used

Mass Uploading names

Want to automatically send us names from your credit risk database? Please use the following upload template

The system will remind you to update your lists once a month

Customer #

The Customer Number that will be displayed when an Alert is sent out

Matter/ Reference #

The Matter/Reference number that will be displayed on the alert


Up to 25 names - $250/month

Up to 100 names - $750/month

Up to 300 names - $1500/month

Unlimited - Please call to inquire


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