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CourtAlert Case Management

Diary Alerts

In addition to printed calendars in various forms, CourtAlert Case Management provides Diary Alerts sent a specific number of days before a due date.

  • Some firms send Diary Alerts 14,7 and 1 day before a due date; some send 7 and 2 days before a due date. These parameters can easily be customized
  • Partners and others can be marked not to receive Diary Alerts. Likewise, team members can be marked not to receive Diary Alerts for specified cases
  • Diary Alerts allow for a simple way for attorneys to provide corrections and other information
  • Due date information can be transmitted to Outlook and Blackberry type devices as appointments. Users can control whether they want their due date downloaded

Advanced interface with Outlook

  • Have your calendar and mobile device updated automatically, including the removal of adjourned diaries
  • User can filter diaries not to download sync

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