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Tip of the Week now on CourtAlert for use on Blackberry type devices

January 21, 2009

Subject: Tip of the Week now on CourtAlert for use on Blackberry type devices

As you may know CourtAlert ToGo is a complete reprogramming of the CourtAlert web site specially designed for Blackberry and similar devices. Two enhancements to it are announced today: If you use your Blackberry to browse to the CourtAlert web site, the program will automatically direct you to the special web site designed for Blackberry devices.

1.                  No need to remember the Internet address for the ToGo version, if you use your Blackberry type device to browse to www.CourtAlert.com the program will automatically redirect you to the special Blackberry type displays.

2.                  The Tip of the Week was added as a separate option allowing a quick view of the current and all prior tips.

CourtAlert ToGo offers a quick way to look up cases information, recent alerts, and a method to contact CourtAlert Support with questions. Click here for <<details>>

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