Business Development Tools  
When Your Client Is Being Sued, You Should Be First To Know 
        These are strange economic times and the thing to do is get more business.  Today, CourtAlert       
        announces the first in a series of Business Development Tools.
        In lightning speed, in the SDNY in Manhattan, we will email you a copy of all new complaints 
        against any name/party you are interested in.
        You no longer need to rely on searching through news publications looking for cases you are interested  
        in and  then requesting a copy for an additional fee.  We'll send you the complaints you want quicker  
        than any other  news organization, without you having to request it – for no additional fee. 
        How do we know which cases are of interest to you? Through extensive research we already know  
        most of your  major clients and the attorneys at your firm who represented them.  This research,  
        combined with names you  specify will allow us to offer you a targeted service unlike any other available. 
        You can specify a name to watch  with or without a specified Nature of Suit; or, you can ask for specified
        Nature of Suit code(s) for all cases (For  example: All Trademark Cases).   
        The list of names you watch is of course kept in strict confidence.   
        By signing up today you can rest assured that the instant a past client of yours is sued in a new SDNY 
        complaint, you will know about it. An automatic email alert will immediately be sent to your firm's  
        Managing  Attorny/Managing Clerk and to the individual attorneys who previously represented  that  
        client.  With each such notification a FREE copy of the complaint is provided.   
        We have been testing this service for a while, and the reaction is extremely positive. Subscription is not 
        automatic To subscribe email to or click on the link below. Please do not delay  
        your registration –  competing firms  may have already registered.   
Sign Up Today! 
$150 Month 
        Customers who register to the new SDNY Business Development tools may opt to receive the following 
        for a  reduced fee of $100 per month (the standard fee is $150 per month):  
                                                 1. "Sneak Peek" – a list of all new complaints in NYS Supreme/NY
                                                       County/Commercial Division  <<click here for details>>                  
                                                 2.  We will watch for the same names in NYS Supreme/NY County. 
                                                      An alert will be sent to you once the case is keyed in to the NY  
                                                      County Clerk computer system. 
"By getting one new case from this service, it
pays for itself for many years to come."
-A managing attorney of a large NYC firm.   
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