New Profile Administration for CourtAlert website

October 7, 2008

Subject: New Profile Administration for CourtAlert website

As the events of yesterday had shown us, sometime CourtAlert has the opportunity to share a lot of timely information with the CourtAlert user community. This requires that many at the law firm / law department will have a CourtAlert user profile. On the other hand we would not want all these users to add cases to watch lists where additional cost might incur. For this purpose CourtAlert announces today a method to create additional user profiles with "inquiry only" authority. These users can not add cases to watch lists.


The Research and Business Development tools are made available to such users with no limit of usage and at no additional charge. There is no limit to the number of users you may have from your organization.


Another purpose of the new Profile Administration system is to control multiple watch lists from the same firm. The program now allows for one administrator to add and remove cases for multiple users’ watch lists. In regular case watching, CourtAlert does not charge additional fee if the same case is watched by more than one user in the firm.


If you are the administrator of your firm you will notice a new option on the web site, "My CourtAlert /Profile Administration".


Add/Remove/Edit user profiles: In a set of program to manage the profiles of the firm, each user is assigned one of the following User Type:


“Case Watch” – A user that can maintain watch list. The user him/her self can add, edit or remove cases from watch lists and the administrator can do so from a centralize program (see below)


“Administrator” - Each firm was assigned an administrator, typically the first active profile created for the firm. Please contact if you want to change this designation.


“Inquiry Only” – With the recent and the forthcoming enhancements to the Research and Business Development areas, we hope the number of such profile will increase to include every litigation partner, associate and support staff.


The administrator can deactivate users and the system prompt for the removal and reassignment of any cases watched by such user.


Manage Watch lists – A system to add or remove users for a watched case. Typically a case will first be added to the Administrator’s watch list using one of the several tools available on the web site and then this program will be used to add the case to others’ watch lists.


It is very simple to remove a case from several watch lists. When the watch is no longer needed, the administrator can easily remove it from all users.


The list of cases being watched can easily be resorted by clicking on the column head, the default sort order is by main Plaintiff Name.


If you are the administrator for your firm, the new programs can be called by clicking on “Profile Administration” link under My CourtAlert option on our website, if you do not see this link and would like to be the administrator of your firm, please email or click here.


I would like to thank those clients who have tested the CourtAlert Profile Management system and provided invaluable feedback on it. We always much appreciate any thoughts and comments, please do not hesitate to share any suggestion with me.

We are committed to remain the best!

Thank You,


Izzy Schiller, President




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