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New Alerts for NYS Supreme Cases

December 11, 2008

Subject: New Alerts for NYS Supreme Cases

The Office of Court Administration has implemented an addition of data elements to the Post-RJI state wide computer system which started yesterday. CourtAlert would like to announce a change of its display and the addition of three new alerts to utilize the new information.

CourtAlert 77 – Electronic Filing status changed.

The status of electronically filed cases can be granted and revoked from a case at certain stages of a case. One prior method of indicating that a case was an electronic filing case was the second digit in the index number being a “5” (in NY County) which proved unreliable. The court has now designated a data element to mark a case as electronically filed, or changing the status to non-electronic filing case. CourtAlert 77 will report of such changes when a regular case is classified as an electronic filing case and when an electronic filing case is reclassified to a regular status.

In New York County once a case is classified as an Electronic Filing case, the county clerk system is no longer being updated by the court for new minutes and therefore CourtAlert 50 and CourtAlert 51 will no longer be applicable for such case.

CourtAlert 71 – Foreclosure Settlement Conference Scheduled

CourtAlert 72 – Foreclosure Settlement Conference Held

These alerts refer to the recent requirement that the court mandate a Foreclosure Settlement Conference for certain “sub prime” cases. The change in regulations is described in CourtAlert’s tip of the week on November 20, 2008 <<details>>

The court is to schedule the Foreclosure Settlement Conference within 60 days of the date of good service (the date the proof of service was filed). If that date is not recorded on the Post-RJI computer system (which is quit likely) the RJI Date will be utilized.

We would like to thank the following court personal for spending time with our office to assist us with this changes:

Stan Drosky, Cliff Fuller - Office of Court Administration (Troy NY)

Anthony D'Angelis (Chief Clerk), Maureen D'Aquila - Queens County. Queens county was the pilot site for this procedure.

Gloria Smyth-Godinger - NY County Trial Support.

Paul Lewis & Angela Badamo - Office of Court Administration (Beaver Street)   


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