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Another Enhancement to CourtAlert Business Development Alerts

November 26, 2008

Subject: Another Enhancement to CourtAlert Business Development Alerts

CourtAlert Business Development Alerts are the quickest and the most economic way to be advised and in most cases view an image of new complaints in SDNY in New York City and in NYS Supreme, NY County.

Due to its popularity CourtAlert continues to enhance this service. At the current time we provide many types of alerts and we email the alerts as soon as the information is available. Below is a list of these alerts, all of which are provided for the same monthly fee.

Some clients have asked for a daily summary of all the alerts they receive so they can unsubscribe for individual Business Development Alerts and advise the partners only once a day. To meet this request CourtAlert announces CourtAlert 570 - A list of all new complaints reported today.

The report will list all new complaints for your firm since the last time the report was run which is typically the evening before. Based on clients' feedback we will determine the optimal time of day to run CourtAlert 570.

The new alert will list:

  1. New complaints for names (or Nature of Suit ("NOS") or Names and NOS combinations) you watch in SDNY, complaints images are available online (the CourtAlert 550s)

  2. List of new complaints for names you watch in NYS Supreme/NY County/Commercial Division, complaint images can be requested for the day after (the CourtAlert 546s)

  3. Link to images of new complaints in NYS Supreme/NY County/Commercial Division you have previously requested (the CourtAlert 547s)

  4. List of new complaints for names you watch in NYS Supreme/NY County/Non Commercial Division (the CourtAlert 548s)

  5. The Sneak Peek lists of all new complaints in SDNY, with images (the CourtAlert 555s).

We do not plan on listing all new NYS Supreme/NY County/Commercial Division cases, the thrice-an-evening Supreme Sneak-Peek as they are very long (the CourtAlert 545s).

Once you start to receive this new daily summary (CourtAlert 570) you may want to unsubscribe from individual Business Development Alert by clicking on the applicable link on the specific type of alert.

The monthly fee of the Business Development Alerts remain the same: $150 for either courts (SDNY or NYS Supreme/NY County), or $250 for both courts. If you wish to register, which we certainly recommend, please email Support@CourtAlert.com.

I would like to thank Charles Calvaruso of Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP for his ideas that made this new alert possible.

We are Committed to Remain the Best!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!

Thank You,

Izzy Schiller, President



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