*** CourtAlert for Delaware Chancery Court opinions and orders *** 


Happy New Year and all the best in 2008!


To start the year off on the right foot we are announcing a new alert service for all opinions and orders of the Delaware Chancery Court and their appeal.


CourtAlert 600 - Delaware State Court/Chancery: Opinion/Order


CourtAlert identifies and will send you any new Opinions or Orders for the cases in the Delaware Court of Chancery and their appeals in the Supreme Court of the State of Delaware. The alert includes a link to the PDF image of the order.


This is a free service for CourtAlert subscribers.


You can stop receiving this alert by updating: My CourtAlert/My Profile/Alerts preferences and can always turn this option back on.


The alert is produced for every order and opinion; there is no watch list involved.


Delaware Chancery Court area on CourtAlert web site:


A new link from the left side bar and the Quick Menu on www.CourtAlert.com


  • 25 most recent orders, opinions and appeal decisions from the Delaware Chancery Court. In addition to information on the order, the user can click on “To View” and a PDF image of the order is rendered.


This display is available to all users including those who elect not to receive email alerts for this court.


  • My Recent Alerts – as in other courts this option displays all Delaware Chancery Court notifications emailed to you. This information is also part of the display of all the alerts sent to you under My CourtAlert/My Recent Alerts. Each alert includes a link to the image of the actual order.


  • Information about CourtAlert service for Delaware Chancery Court orders – a description of this service.



As with many other enhancements of CourtAlert service, this announcement is a response to a customer’s request. Please do not hesitate to share with me any suggestions or requests you may have.


We are committed to remain the best!

Izzy Schiller, President




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