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Business Development Alerts on Blackberry

January 28, 2009

Subject: Business Development Alerts on Blackberry

As a follow up to our recent announcement of the Tip of the Week on CourtAlert ToGo we would like to also announce another enhancement to the Business Development Alerts. CourtAlert Business Development Alerts have been proven to generate new and enhance existing clients for law firms and this is the fourth Business Development Alert enhancement in recent months.

Business Development Alerts can be generated as the complaints are available at the courthouse or as a daily summary. They can be created per name (and Nature of Suit) and as a listing of all new complaints.

Scanned images are immediately available for Business Development Alerts in SDNY and are available the day after for NYS Supreme/NY County, Commercial Division. The challenge is, however, that it is difficult to view the PDF image of a compliant on a Blackberry type device.

CourtAlert announces today:

1.                  On each Business Development Alert email there will be a link for a Blackberry type device user, clicking on that link will display the complaint summary information in a format suitable to the (small) Blackberry screen.

2.                  In addition to a link to display the complaint, there will be a new link “email me the complaint”. Clicking on this link will cause the CourtAlert system to email the complaint, presumably to the user’s office where the complaint can be viewed or printed.

3.                  This new screen and links will be available on all Business Development Alerts. On the daily summary listing when the user clicks on “Show Me the Complaint” and he or she is using a Blackberry – the program will provide the information and options to email the image in a manner convenient for Blackberry users.

4.                  CourtAlert ToGo, which is a complete reprogramming of the CourtAlert web site specially designed for Blackberry and similar devices, will now have a link to searching SDNY Complaints Archive – all new complaints since February 2008. The results of the search can be marked which will cause CourtAlert to email the PDF image to the user; presumably to the office or other location with a PC where the image can be viewed or printed.

5.                  NYS Supreme/NY County Commercial Division list of new complaints (and the individual per name alert) will include a link for Blackberry users: to show the complaint or email it to the office (if CourtAlert has it already) or to email it to the office when the image becomes available.

Business Development Alerts are repetitive by design, some users want the information quickly and some prefer a daily summary. You can unsubscribe from a specific type of alert by clicking on “unsubscribe” link on each alert.

For your convenience here is a list of the currently available Business Development Alerts:

Alert Identification


CourtAlert 545

A “Sneak Peek” listing of NY County Commercial Division Complaints

CourtAlert 546

For named parties, a separate alert of new complaints, Commercial Division

CourtAlert 547

Images of complaints when available (Commercial Division)

CourtAlert 548

For named parties, a separate alert of new complaints, what were not reported by the Commercial Division alerts above

CourtAlert 549

Image of complaint requested from mobile device(CourtAlert ToGo)

CourtAlert 550

An alert for any name you specify and quickly provides a copy of new complaints against the watched names

CourtAlert 552

SDNY complaint image requested from mobile device(CourtAlert ToGo)

CourtAlert 553

SDNY complaint image(s) requested from archive search in CourtAlert ToGo

CourtAlert 555

A “Sneak Peek” listing of all new complaints with the PDF available at no additional charge.

CourtAlert 570

A list of all new complaints reported today


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Izzy Schiller, President



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