Enhancements to SDNY Business Development Alerts 

May 8, 2008

CourtAlert Business Development Alerts in SDNY has met with great success. For details of the original announcement please see: <<details>>  


Today we are announcing the following enhancements:


My Recent Alerts display a list of Business Development Alerts provided to your firm in the recent past.


Why am I being alerted? We are not only watching for new complaints for parties you specify, CourtAlert also watches for names based on our sources of information. The details are now going to be listed on the alert. (The user can always remove names from the watch list.)




Name specified

Name specified by you

CourtAlert research

Our automated research indicates this party was on a past case of yours. The display will show the court, index and details of such cases.

Watched by your firm in SDNY

Party listed on a case watch by CourtAlert for your firm in SDNY

Watched for your firm in Supreme

CourtAlert watches for new filings in NYS Supreme/NY County for the named party

Past alerts

CourtAlert sent you a prior Business Development Alert naming this party


Redirect Subscriber can now specify that the MAO/Docketing Department will receive all Business Development Alerts. The name and email address of the specific attorney who, for example, represented the party in the past, is listed on the alert, to allow for easy forwarding of the alert to the interested partners.


Unfortunately CourtAlert is no longer able to provide free copies of the complaints to non-subscribers. Effective today, only two additional free looks at the complaints will be provided for each user, thereafter the firm must subscribe to the service. In the near future we will stop producing the alerts to non-subscribers.


Subscription is per firm, There is no limit to the number of users for each firm and no limit to the number of names that be watched. All alerts can be directed to the Managing Attorney/Clerk office and/or directly to the users. The cost of the Business Development Alerts for SDNY is $150 per month. If you are also interested in the Business Development Alert for Supreme NY County (watch for new filing by name, and the Sneak Peak listing of new Commercial Division new cases) then the combined cost for all services is $250 per month.


Most importantly, this service has already generated business for members of the CourtAlert community. Please make sure your firm subscribes to it. As a matter of interest, we already have one overseas customer for this service. To register please click here



We are committed to remain the best!

Thank You,

Izzy Schiller, President




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