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   Enhancements to CourtAlert Business Development Alerts

Today, CourtAlert announces a number of enhancements to the Business Development Alerts which have been proven to be a viable tool.

All these announcements are at no additional cost to existing Business Development Alerts clients.

CourtAlert has recently announced a new Profile Management system, which among other features allows the creation of a profile where the user can not put cases on a watch. Such user can still receive Business Development Alerts and can retrieve complaints from our archives.

Southern District of New York, Manhattan locations:

CourtAlert 550 - CourtAlert currently provides an alert for any name you specify and quickly provides a copy of new complaints against the watched names. There is no limit to the number of names, or names and Nature of Suit combinations a user can specify. Users can also receive all new complaints for a specified Nature of Suit. Alerts can be emailed to the managing attorney/clerk department and optionally also directly to the attorneys.

New CourtAlert 555 – A “Sneak Peek” listing of all new complaints with all the PDF available at no additional charge.

New, Free Archive of any SDNY complaint since 2/1/08 – Any complaint filed since February this year can be located by name or index number along with the PDF. There is no additional charge for SDNY Business Development Alert clients and there is a $25 per complaint charge for others. If your firm is a subscriber of SDNY Business Development Alerts, any employee of the firm can retrieve any 2/2008 and later complaint from SDNY (Manhattan) at no additional charge.

NYS Supreme, NY County – Commercial Division:

CourtAlert 545 – CourtAlert currently provides a “Sneak Peek” report that lists and provides a short summary of all new complaints for the Commercial Division and cases we find of interest to the CourtAlert community. This report is sent out very quickly and before the data is keyed into the NY County Clerk computer system.

New, CourtAlert 546 – For named parties, a separate alert of new complaints, Commercial Division. These notifications will typically be produced in the evening hours following the "Sneak Peek" report and are designed to verify that the user does not miss a complaint against a party s(he) is interested in.

New, CourtAlert 547 – Images of complaints when available. CourtAlert will attempt to copy every new  Commercial Division complaint in NY County Supreme. These will be available later than the Sneak Peek reports and the new CourtAlert 546 above, typically one day later. There will be new links on the Sneak Peek reports and CourtAlert 546 labeled “Send me the complaint when available”, and when clicked, CourtAlert will email a link to the complaint when it becomes available. Again, at no additional charge to Supreme Business Development alerts.

NYS Supreme, NY County – Non Commercial Division:

New, CourtAlert 548 will replace CourtAlert 45 which list all new actions in NY County Supreme what were not reported by the Commercial Division alerts above. The name(s) you watch for will be highlighted and specified on the alert subject line.

No images are provided for these non-Commercial Division complaints.

Starting November 3rd, 2008 the older CourtAlert 45 will no longer be provided and CourtAlert will no longer notify users of new filings unless they are subscribers of Business Development Alerts for NY County Supreme.

Charges for Business Development Alerts:

$150 per month for Business Development Alert service in NY County Supreme

$150 per month for Business Development Alert service in SDNY, Manhattan

Total cost to the entire law firm; $250 per month for both services together, allowing the firm to keep in close touch with clients and generate new opportunities, priceless especially in the current economic environment.

Business Development Alerts work, here is for example what Jack Bove of Mintz, Levin says on them: How about this - just as you promised, I received two complaints for clients on my watch list. "CourtAlert - committed to remain the best and they keep their promise"

We are Committed to Remain the Best!

Thank You,

Izzy Schiller, President