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The CourtAlert for Pacer is a feature rich service


The Features:

§         Flexible frequency of search. For example, every hour (when the court is open), every Tuesday or just once a month.

§         Clear alerts with any new dockets added since last lookup and a click to quickly view the PDF file(s).

§         Pay to download only once – anyone in your firm can inquire into watched cases and view dockets and PDF files at no additional charge.

§         We only send you an alert when there is a new docket in your case. Unlike our competitors who will clutter up your Inbox with “no change” messages.

§         “My Recent Alert”, “Case Snapshot” and other web site inquiries.

§         Client/Matter numbers and cost allocation to support charge back to clients.

The Benefits:

Ø      Watch cases of interest without being specified as an ECF recipient.

Ø      Generate business opportunities for your firm.

Ø      Follow cases with similar parties or legal action to your case.

Ø      The federal courts have consistently held that attorneys are responsible for monitoring the docket sheet for their cases in the event e notification fails at some point. This is your backup system for ECF filings – your computer system “firewall” is already trained to welcome email from CourtAlert.

Ø      Push technology – receive an email just of the new dockets. You don’t need to go to CourtAlert site to see changes.

Ø      Our alerts are formatted like a PACER docket and are easy to understand.

Ø      Just click on the sequence number to see the PDF

Ø      Attorneys can receive the alert at no additional cost. Up to 4,000 characters of combined email addresses.   

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