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CourtAlert Business Development Tools complete coverage Secured Complaints now included in NYS Supreme/NY County Business Development Alerts

June 13, 2012

Last week CourtAlert announced real-time list of new complaints in the 11 most requested US District courts. The list can be provided real-time or in any frequency the user desires and the cost is $50 per court per month. Click here for details

This announcement now completes the breadth of CourtAlert Business Development Alert Tools in that both locally (SDNY and NYS Supreme/NY County) and Nationwide (every U.S. District, Bankruptcy, and Circuit court) CourtAlert now provides:

  • Watch by name: an alert when a watched name is listed in a new case, and/or
  • A list of new cases

To further enhance the local NYS Supreme/NY County service CourtAlert now includes all Secured Complaints in the NY Business Development Service. There is no additional charge involved; secured complaints are checked for watched names (no limit or additional cost for any number of names watched), and are included in the list of all new cases. The list is free of charge for NY watch by name clients.

Sealed complaints are not obtainable and are not reported.

Click here for a complete list of CourtAlert Business Development Alert Tools.

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