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CourtAlert Profile Administration – Add, Remove or Reassign watched cases among users

January 17, 2012

CourtAlert would like to announce a new enhancement to its Profile Administration.

There is now an easy way to add, remove or reassign cases on a watch list from one user to another.

This new feature gives authorized users the ability to filter watch lists by user name and seamlessly reassign cases among users.

This feature is useful when there is change in personnel or a change in a user’s case assignments. As a reminder, the CourtAlert administrator at your firm can only access this.

Instructions for using the new feature:

Go to www.CourtAlert.com/My CourtAlert/Profile Administration. Click on the applicable watch list.

The new filtering pull-down menu lists every user in the firm with cases on watch. Select a user to display the cases watched by that user.

Under each case caption click "Click on Add/Remove Users" to reassign the case to another user's watch list.

There is no additional charge for more than one user watching a case.

As the CourtAlert administrator for you're firm please contact Support@CourtAlert.com if you do not see this new feature enabled.

Related features:

  • The same program allows for addition/removal of users
  • The same program provides for centralized management of watch lists
  • In addition, for one case only, you can also add additional email addresses on the watch list itself.

With these profile administration tools, administrators can centrally and easily manage user watchlists.

We would also like to update the News Alert we sent out last week for the updated NY County Supreme “Term Sheet” which list judicial assignments, phone numbers and part clerk information. The Term Sheet is now available in regular and enlarged version at CourtAlert link area on the web site <<details>>

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Izzy Schiller, President



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