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CourtAlert Announcement - Enhancement to all case watching programs: Multiple Recipients for Specific Case’s Alerts

November 29, 2011

CourtAlert would like to announce a new enhancement to add many email addresses to any case on your watch list. Alerts for a case will be emailed to all specified email addresses, which can be internal and external along with emails specified in your own user profile.

This method is in addition to the existing Profile Administration module (My CourtAlert/Profile Administration) which allows the creation of any number of users and a centralized management of user profiles.

The purpose of today's announcement is to add recipients to specific case(s) so they will receive the alerts for the case also.

CourtAlert provides full watch service, alerting user to changes on the court data for cases specified on a "watch list" for the following courts:

  • NYS Supreme - NYC, Long Island and all the populous counties in the State
  • USDC/Southern District of New York - Alerting for just-signed Opinions, Orders, Decisions before they are available via ECF
  • Appellate Division First Department
  • Appellate Division Second Department
  • NYC Civil – all five counties of New York City
  • Surrogate’s court – New York County

For all these courts there are multiple ways to put a case on watch: the Quick Entry, from the Case Snapshot and Editing the Watch Lists - all of which for all the courts listed above now accept multiple email address to receive the alerts for the case.

This feature was already available in other CourtAlert services:

  • CourtAlert for Pacer to watch any US District, Bankruptcy, Multi District Cases or Circuit court
  • National Business Development alert - Alerting for any new case for watched name for any US District, Bankruptcy or Circuit courts.

Today's announcement completes the picture and allows multiple email address recipients for every case on a watch list for every type of CourtAlert case watch.

There is never an additional charge for multiple recipients of alerts to the same watched case.

We would like to thank the users who suggested this change, please keep your suggestions coming.

We are Committed to Remain the Best!

Thank You,

Izzy Schiller, President



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