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CourtAlert CM/ECF enhancements Time Zone on Diaries, Interactive Inquiry into Rules, Time Offset for Diary Alerts

October 12, 2011

CourtAlert Case Management and ECF interface ("CourtAlert CM/ECF") already offers numerous features that other case management systems do not. To enhance this advantage CourtAlert makes available three new enhancements:

  1. Time Zone on Diaries
  2. Interactive inquiry into rules, judges rules
  3. Adjustable time when Diary Alerts are sent

Time Zone on Diaries

CourtAlert CM/ECF is designed, from the start, to serve major international law firms and legal departments. As you already know the system creates a one inquiry depository for all cases. Our docketing system includes precedence material, interface with the firm's human resource information, IT, and accounting systems. In addition, clients utilize this package for many national and international branch offices.

Diaries, deadlines, are allowed for the entry or automatic calculation of dates and if applicable, time of day.

  • The entry user's time zone will now be inserted to the diary. This information is automatically translated to each users applicable time zone. For example, when a case is handled by a team of local and remote branch office attorneys.
  • CourtAlert inherently interfaces with Microsoft Outlook in several ways, and deadlines can be recorded as a calendar appointment in Outlook/Blackberry/Smartphone. This process is also now sensitive to the time zone of the recipients.
  • Every inquiry display, printed report, and email with diary information has been modified to include the time zone.

Interactive inquiry into court rules and judges rules

Our main enhancement of CourtAlert CM/ECF in 2011 is the inclusion of automatic court and judge rules:

  • This allows the system to propose deadlines (Diaries) based on the jurisdiction, the event/document, form of service and the trigger date. Automatically produced diaries and manually created ones can co-exist on the same docket. Automatically created rules link to the text of the underlining rules.
  • This feature is most valued in California and other jurisdictions where legal process dates can be pre-determined.
  • The rules are always updated by an outside organization.

Today we announce an interactive inquiry, which allows the user to look up court and judge rules. The user enters the parameters and date, and then the program calculates and displays the future deadlines, each with reference to the applicable rule. The program does not retain the information; it is simply used to validate the user calculation and to look up rules.

  • The inquiry program itself is at no additional charge to CourtAlert CM/ECF clients but the firm must subscribe to the rule set.
  • The result of the rules inquiry, which are the calculated due date, the action required on that date, and the underlying rule text can be exported to a conveniently formatted Excel for emailing to others.

Adjustable time when Diary Alerts are sent

There are multiple methods in which deadlines (Diaries) are notified to those marked on the case team. One such way is the Diary Alert: at a pre-specified schedule. For example, 14 days, 8 days and 1 day before a deadline the system generates an email reminder to the appropriate case team members. These are known as "Diary Alerts."

  • Most filing deadlines are before midnight of the due date, and thus reminder Diary Alerts are sent at midnight. The new "offset time" can delay such notifications by a specified number of hours. For example, the firm may select to send such reminders at 7:00 AM, rather than at midnight, thus producing a less intrusive reminder.

Please note that today CourtAlert also announces a new inquiry program on its web site.

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