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 Announcing CourtAlert Search – Search by any text on all CourtAlert information

Effective immediately the Power Search on the CourtAlert home page of the web site will be replaced by a more powerful “CourtAlert Search.” By entering any number or word the search will be quickly conducted, covering all of the below:

  1. NYS Supreme data: Post RJI and New York County Clerk information
  2. NYC Civil Court Data: All five boroughs
  3. CourtAlert Appellate Division First and Second Departments
  4. CourtAlert Sothern District of New York data which contains all cases with complaints and the PDF of the complaint.

*Copies of a complaint are available online only 24 hours after it is available to clients of CourtAlert Business Development Alert service, which is the quickest way to see a complaint against named parties.

Search results can be converted online to Excel or PDF files, and emailed to anyone. The results contain links to the applicable CourtAlert case snapshot and a CourtAlert password is required to view the individual case snapshot. Clients of CourtAlert can have any number of inquiry only user profiles, please contact Support@CourtAlert.com to assist you in creating such profiles.

In addition the search is simultaneously conducted over:

  • Google type search from all “Tip of the Week” entries
  • Google type search for Appellate Division, First and Second Department decisions
  • Search all recent Southern District of New York Complaints (all are Optical Character Recognition processes by CourtAlert)
  • Search NYS Supreme/NY County complaints of interest


Keying the name (Hon. Judge) Kapnick will list all the entries the judge is listed on (presently 10860 entries). The system also allows further filtering to narrow down the list; by court, party type, year filed. The sort order can further be determined by the user.

Clicking on the Excel icon will create an Excel file of all the cases information, with links to the applicable case snap shot on the CourtAlert web site.

Clicking on the PDF icon will prompt your name, the recipient name and a free-text message. Click on the Send button and a PDF file with the case lists, and links to the CourtAlert site for each case, will be emailed to the specified recipient.

In addition, the inquiry for Justice Kapnick will bring up a Tip of the Week, AD1 decisions, SDNY complaint (removal actions) and NYS Supreme complaints. The results are entries where the judge is mentioned in the text. All of these inquiries are processed concurrently and the results are displayed extremely fast, The user can configure your browser to open a new tab or a new window for each type of information.

The high speed processing of this program is not only the result of unique programming techniques; it also takes advantage of CourtAlert’s new hardware, software and telecommunicating structure implemented recently.

Please also note that CourtAlert will also announce today new enhancements to the CourtAlert Case Management and ECF Interface package.

We are Committed to Remain the Best!

Thank You,

Izzy Schiller, President



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