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NYS Supreme watch service to include Westchester County Clerk minutes

May 21, 2009

CourtAlert has enhanced the NYS Supreme watch service to include County Clerk minutes for NYS Westchester County. For NYS Supreme/Westchester County cases on your watch service, CourtAlert will now alert you for any new minute on the Westchester County Clerk system (CourtAlert 55).

CourtAlert produces this alert up to about two hours after the data is updated by the court personnel. However, the minute date will typically be few days earlier since it can take few days to be entered on their system.

Using the NYS Supreme Speed Entry you can add cases to the watch-list even before an RJI was filed, see <<details>>

There is also a new case snapshot display with Westchester County Clerk data, for example <<details>>

There is no need for any action from the client, all your NYS Supreme/Westchester cases on your watch list are automatically subject to this new alert. No additional charge will apply.

Please check the “recently announced” list to verify that your firm takes advantages of all the recent announcements <<details>>

CourtAlert in the media: the recently announced Lis Pendens alert has caught the attention of a real-estate magazine. For details on the article please click here, for details on the new service please click here. 

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