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New Alert - NYSECF Alert

July 14, 2009

New alert for NYS Supreme electronically filed cases: 

As you are already aware NY State is adding more and more cases to the NYSCEF system. We are happy to report that CourtAlert will now have access to the NYSCEF system and will forward you any updates as they happen. The procedure for receiving NYSCEF filings is no different than any other case. Please put your case on the watch list like you would normally do and CourtAlert will email you any new NYSCEF entry.

As of now the state is only providing the docket text and not the PDF file. If you need to get the document you will still need to access it from the NYSCEF system, the alert will include the appropriate link.

This new alert will be known as CourtAlert 52. The regular watch service charges apply. No additional fee is due for cases that are already on watch.

CourtAlert 52 can be used in two main ways:

§         To watch cases of interest.

§         As a backup to the court NYSCEF system in the event the e-mail from the NYSCEF fails to reach you.

As you know, the NYSCEF system does not in any way reduces the need for CourtAlert watch as calendars, judge assignments etc. are not recorded on NYSCEF.

CourtAlert provides Pre-RJI (“county clerk”) watch service in New York and Westchester counties and with this new alert also for all other NYSECF counties, for electronically filed cases, including all boroughs of New York City, Nassau and Suffolk. Therefore if you have an electronically filed case in any of these counties, you may want to put the case on watch even before an RJI has been filled, please use the Quick Entry to add such cases to the watch list.

The Office of Courts Administration will be providing the information to us at the very early morning hours, for the prior day. CourtAlert 52 will automatically be produced immediately thereafter. 

We are Committed to Remain the Best!

Thank You,

Izzy Schiller, President



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