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Information about CourtAlert for Pacer

CourtAlert for Pacer is a popular service which, for cases on the applicable watch list and at the frequency specified, provides any new Pacer docket entries, optionally with the PDF.

CourtAlert for Pacer is used to watch cases of interest, similar parties or particular legal issues without being listed on the public ECF record.

CourtAlert for Pacer is also a good backup to Electronic Filing notifications.

The service is available for:

         Every US District Court

         Every US Bankruptcy Court

         US Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation

         Every Circuit Court except Federal Circuits

CourtAlert for Pacer is not only a superior service when compared to competing services, it is also significantly less expensive.












US Circuit Court, 2nd Circuit cases (2010 and onward)





US District Court





US Bankruptcy Court





US Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation





Second Circuit pre 2010 cases

$4 per lookup

Service is not available for Federal Circuit Court cases that started prior to 03/01/2012

* CourtAlert searched twice a day but charges for only one search per day.

PDF File charge - $4.00 per PDF file of any size.

The charge for the Second Circuit pre 2010 CourtAlert for Pacer remains $4 every look up due to the unique structure of the Second Circuit Pacer system.

The service is reliable, clear, precise alerts are produced, and nothing is emailed to you if there are no new dockets.

We will let you know if an invalid index number was entered onto the watch list.

To use the service add the cases to the applicable watch list. The system will email you an acknowledgment and the watch will start.

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