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CourtAlert announces New York County Surrogate's Court Watch System

December 7, 2010

For many years clients have been asking for a watch service for their New York County Surrogate's Court cases. After a lengthy analysis of their system, we are happy to announce a new watch service for Surrogate's Court cases in NY County.

Cases are put on watch by index number which is assigned by the court, not by name, to avoid errors due to similar names. The system will ignore the “/” number such as 2009-2764/A. The “/” is used for subsequent actions of the same probate or for concurrent trusts of the same probate.

For cases on the Surrogate Court watch list CourtAlert will notify you as to the following:

  • Calendar event – CourtAlert 352

  • Issued Order/Decree (actual text) – CourtAlert 351. Under normal procedures an order has just been entered. The scanning is typically done shortly after the order is entered.

  • Control list for an Order or Decree – CourtAlert 353. This serves as an information alert. It indicates the application has been approved by the clerk and is being sent to the judge for signature.

Please note that in the Surrogate’s Court it is quite possible that an order/decree will be reported on a CourtAlert 351 without previously being listed on CourtAlert 353, namely the order/decree was signed without being first put on a list.


The opposite is also true: an entry could be on the list (CourtAlert 353) and not entered/signed/scanned (CourtAlert 351).


The CourtAlert web site will now include a Surrogate Court case snapshot, for example click here <<details..>>. The case snapshot can be located with the first or last name of the decedent or by the index number (For example 2010-1234).

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Izzy Schiller, President



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