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An Efficient Way to Navigate within CourtAlert Web Site

September 24, 2010

An efficient way to navigate within CourtAlert web site:

We have always found it interesting how each client finds our new features added to the web site more of a favorite than others. There are some that have a lot of appeals which are calendared each week and the need to use the judges bio link is almost daily. There are other clients that have cases in the trial court that have updates each day and the request to see the most recent docket sheet can also be a daily occurrence.

With the help of some clients we would like to introduce a way to save time by adding a "Favorite Links" section to our web site. This section will make it easier to mark and return to that item you usually view repeatedly throughout the day. For example, if you have a few cases that seem to get a lot of request to view the updated docket you can add that case to the favorite section. With one click the most recent version of the docket sheet will appear and be ready to have sent out.

As the user navigates the CourtAlert web site after login, he or she can click on the Favorites Links on the bottom left of each display. This will display a new window which allows the user to:

a. Go to a favorite site previously defined by clicking on it from the displayed list.

b. Add a new favorite link by saving the current location. The user can add his or her own name to identify a location on the CourtAlert web site.

c. Remove previously saved favorite link.

We hope this new feature will assist users to easily return to the most frequently used area on the web site as CourtAlert continues to enhance its service.

We are Committed to Remain the Best!


Izzy Schiller, President



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