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Two enhancements for CourtAlert watch service for NYS Supreme cases:

November 22, 2010

PDF files linked into case snapshot displays:

  • Judicial Orders As you already know CourtAlert 25 notifies you when a judge has issued an order. Following that notification has been CourtAlert 75 which provides an image of the decision. That image will now be linked to the Post RJI case snapshot. For example please click here <<details..>>.

  • Complaints CourtAlert obtains new actions commenced each day that are marked commercial division. Each one of these new actions will now be linked to the County Clerk case snapshot with a 2-day delay. This means each new action will be avaliable on the general web site two days after it is already available to CourtAlert Busienss Development alerts clients who receive copies of complaints the quickest way in New York. For details click here <<details..>> for example click here <<details..>>

Both PDF links are available for New York County cases only.


New Alert Deleted Appearances:

It should be rare for the court to delete an appearance that has been previously recorded. The typical procedure has been to adjourn it to another day. The main use of this option is to delete a record that might have been entered in error.

CourtAlert 42 will now provide notice of the deleted record and will include a suggestion to contact the court for clarification. For a sample of this alert please click here  <<details..>>.

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