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Enhancement to the output of CourtAlert Billing system

October 30, 2009

CourtAlert rates will remain the same while we will enhance our services and support. Per our client’s request CourtAlert new invoices allow easier cost allocation to clients, increase readability and support the growing number of services we provide.

Separate cost allocation for each billing rate:

a.        One cost allocation report for all case watching in Supreme, Appellate Divisions 1st and 2nd departments, SDNY and Civil.

b.        One cost allocation report for all CourtAlert for Pacer for US District and Bankruptcy courts, nationwide.

c.        One cost allocation report for CourtAlert for Pacer for Second Circuit, since different rates apply for this court. 

d.        One cost allocation report for all other supported CourtAlert for Pacer for Circuit courts, nationwide (11th district and Federal Circuit Court cases that started prior to 03/01/2012 are not supported).

All cost allocation reports are by client and matter with totals for each client matter.

Sales tax is allocated on each line item on the cost allocation report but is listed separately in the summary invoice, as required by NY State.

Cost allocation files in different formats:

Each cost allocation report will be provided in HTML display/print and as an Excel file. This Excel file can be utilized to interface accounting software.

One invoice for all CourtAlert services:

The invoice will now be emailed together with the cost allocation reports, at one time and in one email message. 

The invoice will cover all of CourtAlert services:

a.        Watch Services – Supreme, AD1, AD2, SDNY

b.        CourtAlert for Pacer – District, Bankruptcy, 2n Circuit, other Circuit courts

c.        Business Development Alerts – Supreme, SDNY

d.        Lis Pendis service

e.        CourtAlert Case Management and ECF Interface support fees

f.          Customized services for different industries.

We hope to announce more services in the future.Clients can have some of these services invoices separately; for example, CourtAlert for Pacer charges invoiced directly to the firm law library.

The graphical presentation of the invoices has also been enhanced.

We are Committed to Remain the Best!

Thank You,

Izzy Schiller, President



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