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Business Development Alert enhancement watch by any word/name in the complaint text

February 2, 2010

CourtAlert Business Development Alerts were a major success for clients in 2009 and CourtAlert has been enhancing the service accordingly.

Business Development Alerts are available for Southern District of New York ("SDNY") and NY County Supreme complaints. For names (and Nature of Suit in SDNY) you specify, you will receive an alert and the copy of the complaint in quickest way in New York.

Considering that copies of complaints are at no charge this service is also less expensive than competing services.

The names specified are, at the current time, the names of the defendant in the complaint. Our reporters in the court provide logical review of the name so similar names are included.

Today, CourtAlert announces a watch by any word/name in the complaint text. Our clients will be altered (along with a copy) for any complaint that contains the name(s) you specify anywhere in the complaint text.

Firms put their client names and potential client names for watch will now receive an alert if the name is mentioned anywhere in the complaint text.

To facilitate this service, every complaint is quickly processed for Optical Character Recognition, building on methods and programs developed by CourtAlert for its Case Management product.

The Business Development Alert service, in addition to the above, is included at no additional charge:

        Real time archive of complaints - copies of any complaint in SDNY and NY Supreme - this feature is also enhanced, please see the separate announcement on this.

        Users can research the complaint database from their Blackberry and have the complaint copies emailed to them and anyone else they wish

        Any person in the firm you authorize can use the complaint archive at no additional charge.

        You can have multiple CourtAlert profiles and a copy of the alert can automatically go to the applicable partner in the firm. For example, employment Business Development Alert to one partner, intellectual property alerts go to another partner and securities alerts go to a third partner, the managing attorney/clerk typically receives real-time copies of all alerts.

        Several other business development alerts are included at no additional charge

There is no limit to the number of names or Nature of Suit you are watching for. The cost for the service remains the same, $150 per month per court, or $250 per month for both SDNY and NY County Supreme.

Business Development Alerts remain a strategic service and CourtAlert and we plan on continue enhancing it further in the future.

We are Committed to Remain the Best!

Thank You,

Izzy Schiller, President



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