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Business Development Alert enhancement Enhancement to Complaints Retrieval

January 26, 2010

Clients of Business Development Alert automatically receive unlimited access to the Real Time Inventory of any complaint we have retrieved. Complaints are added to the Real Time Inventory as soon as they are retrieved by our reporters at the courthouse.

Business Development Alerts are available for Southern District of New York ("SDNY") and NY County Supreme complaints. For names (and Nature of Suit in SDNY) that are specified, you will receive an alert and the copy of the complaint in quickest way in New York.

To locate a complaint recently the user needed to know a name of a party (or at least part of the name) or the index number. We are happy to report that this is now being enhanced. The inquiry and the retrieval of copies can be done by any word in the complaint text.

In addition to the current method, today's announcement means that you can view, download or print a complaint where you know only a name or word in the body of the complaint.

Since there is no additional cost for any number of complaints this new tool makes for an interesting research tool. The applicable link is added, for Business Development Alerts clients, in the Research area of the CourtAlert web site.

As we indicated above there is no additional charge and you can have as many as you wish inquiry-only profiles at the firm. These users can not add cases to watch but can use the various research tools.

Please note, at no additional charge:

You can have any number of inquiries -only users in your firm, and each of them can retrieve any copy of a complaint from CourtAlert Real Time Retrieval (by any word of the compliant text).

From your Blackberry or similar device you can retrieve complaints (by any word in the text) and have it emailed to yourself or anyone else you wish for printing.

For assistance in setting inquiry-only users, please contact Support@CourtAlert.com. With the new ability to view complaints in SDNY and NY County Supreme /Commercial Division by any word, we hope the Research area will become even more popular.

Business Development Alerts remains a strategic service and CourtAlert and we plan on continue enhancing it.

We are Committed to Remain the Best!

Thank You,

Izzy Schiller, President



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